5 th International Conference on Advances in Natural and Applied Science


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The Silk Road extends to Europe, has been a trade route for centuries as well as a carrier of science and culture. It has also mediated communities to know each other by exchanging commercial, ideas and culture between East and West. The Silk Road has numerous stations. One of them is the Iranian city of Tabriz, home to many cultures and civilizations. The city, which can be called as Iran's capital of carpet and art, is the intersection point of Turkish and Persian culture. With this feature, Tabriz contains rich data for researchers working in the fields of social science, art and culture. “International Silk Road Symposium on social sciences, culture and art” will be held in the city of Tabriz “in the light of Ancient Civilizations” In order to bring together researchers working in these fields to share their research in the context of Turkey-Iran relations, to reveal the influence of Tabriz region on art, scientific field and Turkish culture, to establish rich relations between countries through joint scientific production, to discuss the historical, commercial, cultural and scientific importance of Silk Road and to bring together scientists in different disciplines. Hosted by Tabriz Islamic Arts University, We would like to invite all the researchers to the event to be held between 07-11 April 2020 in cooperation with Ağrı Ibrahim Çeçen University, Komrat State University, Atatürk University, Nakhchivan State University, Kyrgyzstan Osh University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, International Journal of Science Education and Technology.